Clachan Publishing

To preserve and promote publications dedicated to Irish family and local history

Make your Book

Want a book for friends and family, a wider readership?
It's easy.

What sort of book?
We are happy to help you publish :
  • your family history 
  • your novel
  • memoirs
  • travelogues
  • poems and ballads
  • letters
  • out-of -print books, journals, photographs, event programmes or any facsimile publications
  • books of specialist interest.
We are particularly interested in preserving stories, memories and publications that are available to only a few or are in danger of getting lost altogether.
All you have to do is contact us and we can arrange that you send us copies of what you have and, between us, we can decide how best to preserve them and make them generally available as a book, pamphlet or ebook.

It's not expensive.

These are your options:


The author may wish to self-publish with our assistance. 

We will format, proofread and edit the two required files – the cover and the interior - to a print-ready standard. This the author may take to any printer, however Clachan can direct you to reputable internet printers, if requested. 

The author will be the publisher and responsible for purchasing the ISBN. S/he will also be responsible for ordering the required number of copies, their sale and distribution.

Alternatively, the author may publish through Clachan Publishing, 

in which case we will format, proofread, edit the two files and sell the author any number of copies required. The advantage is that the author may purchase as many or as few copies as required on an ongoing basis to avoid over-ordering. The author may wish to sell these through social media outlets, to bookshops, at book launches etc. 

In both the above cases thAuthor is entitled to purchase discounted copies of the Book @ 25% discount from listed price for orders of 1-29 copies, 30% discount for orders of 30 – 59 copies, 35% for 60 - 99 copies, 40% for 100-199 copies, 50% for 200+ copies, excluding P&P.

Our price for book production

Proofreading, editing and publishing is charged at £1.50 per thousand words. This price involves Clachan receiving a largely accurate, proofread text requiring only minor editing. Substantial revisions and further alterations will incur additional charges and Clachan may return the text to the author to do further work on it. 

A Style-based Word document is preferred.

Inserting images will be charged at £2.00 per image. These should be of high definition (300 dpi). More may be charged if cleaning and enhancing the images are required,

The cover will usually cost from £30 upwards if an image and the book’s blurb are supplied, depending on quality of image and complexity of layout.

An ISBN can be supplied for £10. An ISBN is required by all websites and bookshops. It is not required if the book is for private distribution.

EBook editions of print books Clachan has already prepared will usually cost £50. Otherwise a new text will be subject to the  proofreading, editing and publishing prices quoted above. It will also include costs for an ISBN, preparing the cover and inserting images.

Statutory Legal Deposits and other bodies require/request one free copy of any print publication in the UK. Clachan will dispatch these and charge 50% of listed price to the author + P&P. These are The British Library, Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford, Cambridge University Library, The National Library of Scotland, The Library of Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin, The National Library of Wales and the Linen Hall Library, Belfast (which is non-statutory and therefore voluntary).

How easy is it?

Ours is a very personalised service. Drop us an email or give us a call and tell us what sort of book you want to make.
Send us the text and any photos by email, if you wish. We can help you get them ready for publication.
We can also help you scan photos and documents.
Once all the material is collected we can talk about how it is to be presented and arranged.
We do this all time for people who have never published before, so don't worry.
You will be consulted at every stage.

We help you get your book out there

Purchase an ISBN from us and we will promote your book though:
  • Direct sales to bookshops using Ireland's main book distributors
  • Clachan's catalogue circulated throughout Irish bookshops
  • Twitter
  • Facebook.

Our books are also distributed through the following web sites:

  • Amazon
  • Barns Noble
  • LuLu
  • Irish Books Direct
  • Clachan Publishing.
It should be born in mind that 8 copies of  ISBN publications need to be deposited with the  deposit libraries.

Sizes and styles

We offer a wide range of book types: paperbacks, hardback books, books with dust jackets, spiral bound books, pocket books, photo books. 

We offer full colour covers and full colour or black and white interiors.

Ways of keeping production costs down

You can reduce your costs  by following these guidelines.

  • Ask a competent person to proofread all your text before submission.
  • Submit your text using Style-based formatting.

However, we specialise in assisted self-publishing. So if you need help with proofreading,  copy proofing, formatting or editing  we can assist you.

The work must be proofread

Even professional writers use proofreaders. It is a special skill and not every well-educated person is good at it. It certainly  does not involve just using spell and grammar checks.

We will proofread the entire text for you, at the price quoted above. However, if we find we have to make numerous alterations we will ask for an additional proofreading fee. We may suggest that the writer resubmit the text based on suggestions we have made in order to ensure the work meets professional standards, reflects the authentic voice of the author and avoids additional expense.

Use style-based formatting

This involves creating headings and normal or indented paragraph styles etc. through the word processing programme style box. This creates consistent styles that can be altered easily and uniformly. Authors should avoid using direct formatting, i.e. creating headings by increasing the size of normal text. Also they should avoid inserting additional spaces between paragraphs using the Enter key. Rather, they should create additional space between paragraphs and headings through the style box. New pages should not be inserted into on-going text as the position of page breaks will change as editing is done. Insert a new page only when required, e.g. for a new chapter or to mark a full page illustration.