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First published in 1865, this reprint is of second enlarged edition of 1870.  Prendergast's research reveals his keen eye for evidence, but he was a man of his times. Significantly his prejudices did not blind him and he lets his sources speak for themselves. The legacy of Oliver Cromwell is still haunts the Irish imagination. His alleged directive to the Catholic Irish to get "to Hell or Connaught", and the policy that drove it, altered the ownership of Irish soil.The Parliamentary forces' civil war against Charles I were enmeshed in a ruthless campaign against popery and the Catholic perpetrators of the assault on the Protestant colonists of 1641. The legacy of sectarianism has marred Irish politics to this day.
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The History of Sligo: Town and County - Vol. I by Terrence O'Rorke

The History of Sligo: Town and County - Vol. I

This classic and well-loved history of Sligo was first published in 1889. The present edition has been reformatted using a pleasing modern searchable text, retaining the original illustrations. Also, new notes have been added. Its author, the Rev. Archdeacon Terrence O’Rorke, was born and bred in Sligo, This important history is, of course, a product of his times and situation, however, it remains a work of fascination for anyone with connections to Sligo’s past and its people, and - because of the importance of the events played out in that county – an important reference for anyone interested in the history of Ireland.

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The Ould Lammas Fair : Ballycastle

The Ould Lammas Fair

By Margaret Bell and Sean O'Halloran. The folk song of 'The Ould Lammas Fair of Ballycastle O' is a celebration of one of the oldest and most popular fairs in Ireland with the power to draw visitors from far and wide. It is full of history; its roots going back to the ancient festival of Lunasa in times when gods of light and fertility were celebrated. This booklet, an updated publication of the original written in the 1966 with a new introduction, retraces much of what is known and some of what can only be guessed at about the origin and development of this truly traditional event.

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Inishowen, Its History, Traditions and Antiquities by 'Maghtochair'

Inishowen: Its History, Tradition and Antiquities

'Maghtochair' was the pseudonym of Michael Harkin who compiled a series of articles published  in 1867. His aim was to record and preserve the fast vanishing traditions of this well loved peninsula before the old social order and the Gaelic language disappeared. The book sweeps through Inishowen’s ancient, medieval and modern history; its mythical past as well as its topography and archaeology. following St. Patrick, the archaeology is of ancient round towers, chapels, churches and monasteries.

Edited and modernised with  scholarly footnotes added.

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Travels in Ireland by Johann Kohl     

Travels in Ireland

A German travel's perception of an Ireland that was about to vanish. Two years after the publication of this book, the Great Irish Famine ravaged the land. Kohl's journey took him through the four provinces and the cities of Dublin, Limerick, Waterford and Belfast. He met Daniel O'Connell and the great temperance campaigner, Father Mathew. He talked to beggars, gentry  and men of religion, visiting a range of diverse places, conscious of poverty and social injustices. His commentaries are enlivened with information about the historic context and folklore associated with the locations he visited.

Edited and modernised with scholarly footnotes added.

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Disturbed Ireland: Being the Letters Written During the Winter of 1880-1 by Bernard H. Becker 

Disturbed Ireland

Becker, a renown nineteenth century journalist, journeys through Mayo, Galway, Clare, Limerick, Cork, and Kerry reporting the Land War. He met Captain Boycott, members of the gentry and military while struggling to cope with the ostracism of the local populations of Westport, Castlebar, Ballinrobe, Connemara, Ennis, and Gortatlee, Tralee, Killarney and Valencia. The locals are depicted as lively, courteous and impenetrable as they close ranks against a system, which is driving them from the land. These pages give us portraits of the actual people, places, and a sense of the majesty of the land they struggled over. Edited and modernised with scholarly footnotes added - Price £4.30   

A Journey throughout Ireland, During the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 1834 : Vol. I  by Henry D. Inglis

A Journey throughout Ireland, During the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 1834, Vol 1

Asking ‘is Ireland an improving Country?’ Inglis travelled the country meeting landlords and tenants, drawing upon his background in commerce to observe the realities of everyday life. He offers insights into the conditions that prevailed after Catholic emancipation and the Great Famine, the prevailing religious attitudes and tensions. His analysis informed much of the 1835 debate about Ireland in Westminster. This is an important source for historians of 19th century Ireland and those exploring local and family history. Edited and modernised with scholarly footnotes added - Price £4.30