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In the Danger Zone : The Sinking of the Ocean Liner 'Tuscania'

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 by Mario Weidner, 28 page fully illustrated colour booklet

The booklet covers the story of the S.S. Tuscania , a luxury liner converted into a troop ship, sunk by German submarine UB 77 near Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland, on February 5, 1918. It includes a fascinating detailed account of the attack on the ship, gleaned from German naval sources, and the technical diving challenges presented by a dive to such depths.

 Locating and exploring the wreck involved considerable research and diving expertise demonstrated by the author who worked in close harmony with his close friend and diving partner, Thomas Cecil. Tommy tragically lost his life while diving the wreck on September 21, 1997.

 Mario wrote this book in memory of Tommy because the living owe it to those, who can no longer speak, to tell their story for them.

Clachan will make a donation of GBP 1.00 to a charity safeguarding those at sea with every purchase.

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