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The Harsh Winds of Rathlin: Stories of Rathlin Shipwrecks

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By Tommy Cecil, Premium Paperback, Full Colour, 144 pgs

This is an updated and extended edition of Thomas Cecil’s original The Harsh Winds of Rathlin: Stories of Rathlin Shipwrecks , published in 1989. It contains Tommy’s original text, but also includes additional accounts by Mario Weidner - a great friend, fellow diver and researcher - of the discovery and examination of the SS Tuscania ,( an exceptionally deep dive), the Santa Maria, and other notable wrecks. Both men were part of a team of divers who ventured into the waters around Rathlin, using the new research and the most advanced diving techniques of the time.

Tommy was active diver since the 1960's he spent his life exploring a number of wrecks. He researched all the known wrecks around Rathlin and published the first edition of this book in 1990. This extended edition offers the reader additional information of his later dives.

Sadly, Tommy lost his life on September 21, 1997 while making the last exploratory dive to the Tuscania . He is constantly missed by his wife and family, the people of Rathlin and all who had the pleasure of diving with him.


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