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Five Famous Dogs of Ireland

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By Maureen Donnelly, Full colour booklet, 28 Pages

These stories are of course about dogs – famous dogs from various historical periods and cultural settings. They include the heroic period of Cu Chulainn, Finn Macool in North Antrim and the famous leap of Bran in Limavady. All the stories illustrate a sensitivity to historic context, taking us to more recent times in the tales of Master McGrath, three times winner of the Waterloo cup and Dan Hyndman’s famous greyhound, celebrated in ballads and yarns. 

There are not many stories more popular with children than animal stories. It is often through such stories that children can explore their emotional life. These stories deal with courage and grief, devotion and loyalty, affection and fear, all through simple storylines a child can relate to. There are fun activities for the children too, including a map of the places mentioned.

Maureen Donnelly has made a name for herself as a fine writer of local histories and children’s stories. Her local histories include The Nine Glens , and publications relating to Downpatrick, Lecale and Newcastle. The children's stories  include Three Tales of Moyle and Patrick, Brigid and Columcille . Over a period of 21 years she was a regular writer for B.B.C. Schools, providing scripts for subjects that included history and nature. The book is suitable for the age range of upper primary, about 8-12+.

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