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Lament in a Minor Key

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Paperback, 86 pages

This collection of poems reflects life and nature in all their upheaval and dissonance. but also lets the reader see order restored and resolution and movement toward harmony with the restoration of beauty and promise.

Dan Masterson (the first Poet Laureate of NY State's Rockland County, and Poet Emeritus at SUNY Rockland CC) writes: 'What a solid, embracing collection. "Valley Forge" & "Veterans Cemetery" are fine additions,.. They remind us of Maire's strict choices of verbs: the thrust they inflict and the immediate and lasting images they carry. We are also reminded of her  strict/ and demanding use of adjectives: never cosmetic - always expansive.  Among the array of gifts she gives her readers  is interesting use of punctuation, -and the smooth or startling line-breaks that have us assume a change or resume the storyline.

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