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One Man's Poison by Sarah Fox

£8.90 £9.90

Paperback, 84 Pages

This isn’t just a book of poems. This isn’t even an apology. This is years of a young life. This is an impassioned heart, ready and willing to be exposed. This is the end of the worst kinds of pain. This is a dedication to holding on and letting go. This is a thank you and an ‘I love you’ all in one… One Man’s Poison gives readers an insight into the troubles of physical and mental health, the ‘laws’ of attraction and falling in love, stretched highways leading to unknown places, and lessons both in and out of school. What begins as a pejorative disregard for living eventually blossoms into a sweet-smelling rose named gratitude. Are you ready to read with heart? Are you ready to bear your soul? Take a gamble and buy the book. You might just discover, there is something more to your life than just surviving.

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