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The Genealogy of the House of O'Reilly - SOLD OUT


Hardback, 130 pgs, full colour, resized facsimile of original document.


Full introduction by Frank Rogers with forward by Nikolaus Grüger who discovered the manuscript.

Now generally accessible for the first time, this is a reproduction of the recently discovered Genealogy of the House of O'Reillys of Brefne. It was commissioned in the 1790 by Count Alexander O'Reilly and written by the renowned genealogist, Chevalier Thomas O'Gorman.

Using all well known sources and annals of the time, it outlines the history of the O'Reillys for 1000 years, concluding with the illustrious career of Count Alexander O'Reilly who, as an exiled Irish nobleman, served King Carlos of Spain in Havana and Louisiana, earning himself the title of Condé de O’Reilly, the Governorship of Madrid and Cadiz and Captain-General of Andalusia.

The manuscript is more than a table of generations and events and should prove of considerable interest to Irish genealogists and historians alike. It gives valuable insights into the the political expectations and attitudes of the exiled Irish nobility whose experience and loyalties are evidenced in comments on military and political leadership, particularly as it applied to Ireland and its fraught relationship with its colonising neighbour.

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