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Valhalla and the Fjörd : A Spiritual Motorcycle Journey through the History of Strangford Lough by Peter Moore

£8.90 £9.90

By Peter Moore

Paperback, 148 pages

Strangford Lough is blessed with phenomenal 'A' and 'B' biking roads, and has along its shores 7000 years of history, visible at almost every turn. The small, slow paced towns transport one back in time. As a previous Director of archaeological excavations, the author has both researched and published on the history of these sites and monuments, at the same time he has sought to explore the feelings evoked by the tangible aura that the sites exude. Many travel books involve round the world or continental travels and are influenced by the likes of Ted Simon and Sam Manicom. These exploits are beyond the means of many. However, this book demonstrates there is much to explore within Ireland and the British Isles. Let's start closer to home!

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