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A Book of Dublin edited by John Bulmer Hobson

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Paperback reproduction of original first published in 1930. 175 Pgs.

Browsing through the pages of this book we are taken back to the Dublin of ‘the rare auld times’, before, in Pete St. John’s words, ‘the great unyielding concrete’ had made a city of his town. It was a time when Dublin was the capital city of the Irish Free State or Éire and a Governor General was still in residence in Phoenix Park. Here we find lively and informative accounts of Dublin’s origins and earlier history, its great institutions; libraries, galleries and museums. We are given a clear snap-shot of the range of its industries, docklands and commerce of the times by John Bulmer Hobson, a leading member of the Irish Volunteers and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) before the Easter Rising in 1916, which he opposed as a dedicated pacifist and Quaker.[The publication is enlivened by the inclusion of subtle and evocative illustrations by fashionable artists of major Dublin landmarks, while the wide range of advertisements give us a flavour of the lifestyle and customs of real Dublin of the 1930s.

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