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Highways and Byways in Donegal and Antrim - Part One - Donegal

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Paperback, by Stephen Gwynn. 188 pgs.

As a young man, Stephen Gwynn travelled through Counties Donegal and Antrim on a bicycle, enabling him to take a close-up view of the townlands, rivers, lakes and historic sites he visited. This is his account of his trip through Donegal. His loving interest in its history brings this accounts to life, revealing as it does, the hidden stories and associations behind the evocative exterior of the land.

We get an account of ancient Gaelic Ireland: its holy places and its warriors - the O’Donnells and O’Neills. We hear of their tragic demise and the confiscation of the land they had to abandon. Though this book was written over a hundred years ago, the old Ireland he wrote of has left a lasting impression on the landscape, though it is fast fading.

A reader who shares his passion for fishing and cycling will gain the additional pleasure of reliving these experiences as they were over one hundred years ago.

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