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Inishowen, Its History, Traditions and Antiquities - Part Two: Its Parishes

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Paperback, 171 pgs.

This edition presents the those chapters of 'Inishowen, Its History, Traditions and Antiquities' which deal with its parishes, first published by Michael Harkin in 1867 under the pen name of Maghtochair.

Each parish is illuminated with insights into its history, topography and archaeology. The cairns, burial sites, standing stones, druidic temples and forts conjure up its pre-Christian era. After the coming of St. Patrick the archaeology is of ancient round towers, chapels, churches and monasteries, including the ancient Abbey at Fahan.

We read of the clergy, and schools; all interspersed with colourful stories of rebels, murders, legends, illicit stills and folklore, along with superstitions that once abounded about them.

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