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Aghaidh Achadh Mor, The Face of Aghamore

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Editor: Joe Byrne, Paperback, 133 Pages

This publication is a reproduction of Aghaidh Achadh Mór or The Face of Aghamore originally designed and printed by Berry’s of Westport in 1991. As it is of enduring interest to local historians and to those with ancestral roots in East Mayo, it has been scanned from an original copy and republished.

It consist of a series of papers covering such varied topics as Stone Age archaeology, family history, local hedge schools, O’Carolan’s connection with the parish, the Civil War and townland surveys. These topics are treated in a manner which, as is pointed out in the opening paper by Joe Byrne, ‘the past is never dead, it has not even passed’. The revival of this publication will awaken a new generation’s awareness of its presence still lingering among us.

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