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The West of Ireland: Its Existing Condition and Prospects, Part One,

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 By Henry Coulter, Paperback, 138 Pages, Ships in 4-6 days.

These are the opening eleven chapters of Henry Coulter book The West of Ireland: Its Existing Condition and Prospects, first published in 1862. It offers local historians and genealogists access for the first time to the specific sections of this important historic source related to Counties Athlone, Clare and Galway and the Connemara area.

It reports on poor harvests and the prospect of impending famine and state of agriculture and trade. It gives a contemporary account of workhouses, gombeen men, high rents and evictions. It is a treasure trove for those interested in the history of the area and for finding out about the life and circumstances of one’s ancestors.

This edition has been enhanced by the inclusion of an index and extensive footnotes not found in the original or in other scanned editions of the book.

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