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A Journey throughout Ireland, During the Spring, Summer and Autumn of 1834

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By Henry D. Inglis, Paperback, 186 Pages, Ships in 4-6 working days

This is an important source for historians of 19th century Ireland, and is of particular interest to those exploring local history and family genealogies.

Asking the question, ‘is Ireland an improving Country?’ Inglis travelled the country meeting landlords and tenants, drawing upon his background in commerce to observe the realities of everyday life. He travelled from Dublin through Wicklow,Wexford, Kilkenny, Cork, Kerry, Clare and Athlone.

He offers insights into the conditions that prevailed after Catholic emancipation in the period between the European Napoleonic Wars and the Great Famine, and the religious attitudes and tensions that have divided Ireland over the centuries.

He observed poverty worse than he had seen in any other country and his analysis informed much of the debate about Ireland in the Westminster House of Commons, during parliamentary debates in 1835.

His observations clearly reflect his own attitudes and beliefs. Yet, they are grounded in what he observed first-hand making this books a very significant resource for genealogists and family and local historians.

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