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The Hallorans of Birstall and Aghamore

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By Sean O'Halloran and Mary Hudson

Paperback, 208 pgs, Ships in 3–5 business days

This is the story of how the Great Irish Famine tore apart one branch of the Halloran family as it faced starvation in the parish of Aghamore in Mayo. Part of the family was forced to emigrate and set up a new life in Birstall in industrial England amidst the mills and mines of Yorkshire. The other stayed behind in Aghamore, struggling in poverty and hunger to possess the land. The family most closely associated with them were the Stensons. There were also families of Frains, Brennans, Feenys, Giraughtys, Henrys, Higginses, Kilkennys, Kellys, Linskeys, McCues, McNamaras, Swifts, Prendergasts and Waldrons who fled with them. In a way this is the story of all of them. This is the story of both communities and the strong bonds that existed between them. We have tried to place these people in their times and build up a picture of where they lived and how they worked, exploring the political and social events which impinged upon their lives.

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