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Quotes Clachan Publishing has succeeded in preserving the books and names of forgotten writers, especially in the fields of travel, local and social history. Documenting what Ireland was like at a particular period in history, is vitally important. These out-of-print books have been brought back to life and rescued from obscurity thanks to Sean's perseverance, as well as his editorial and curatorial skills. There is something uniquely appealing about looking back at how people and places were in Ireland in previous centuries; all of this opens a window into the past, helping us understand the country today. What better way to get a feel for the landscape and countryside, its antiquities and buildings, than through the often opinionated views of these travel writers and historians. Clachan has also given a voice to new writers, helping showcase their work, and the company is to be applauded for its foresight and practical approach. Quotes
Paul Clements, broadcaster, journalist, travel writer.
Author of 'Romancing Ireland: Richard Hayward, 1892-1964'.

Quotes Clachan Publishing is an important outlet for local interest publications. With local traditions, stories, poems and histories being lost, Clachan is one of the only ways left for authors to get their story to the public. No matter what one writes, or the chosen subject matter, the authors? chosen topic is important to them. I found Seán was not only an expert and nuanced editor and advisor, but had a passion for the subject I had written about and a deep understanding and empathy about how important my book was to me. Clachan Publishing makes the whole business of publishing easy, personal and hassle-free. If one looks at the titles offered by Clachan, they are available no-where else and are, as a result, all the more valuable. We must support Seán and Clachan Publishing. The books published are of exceptional literary, poetic, cultural, social and historical importance. I cannot wait to work with Seán again. "Valhalla & the Fjord : A Spiritual Journey through Strangford Lough". Quotes
Peter Moore
Ex Dir. Archaeological Excavations, Queen's Univerisity.

Quotes Clachan Publishing brings historical texts back to life. Now published in easy to read paperback, these books retain the character of the originals. The reprints maintain the same page order and all the original illustrations are reproduced . Many of the books are of interest to local historians and, at least two of them, to archaeologists. "Lough Corrib, Its Shores and Islands" illustrates and describes many of the archaeological sites in this area that were only recognised when the book was written in the mid 1800s. "Highways and byways in Donegal & Antrim" describes a journey through the north, detailing the history and life of this area, and includes descriptions of many of the sites that feature in the historical narrative of the book. Ed. Quotes
Newsletter of The Ulster Archaeological Society
Academic endorsement.

Quotes I am mightily impressed by the standard of editing and publication of these books. Quotes
No Alibis
Independent Book Seller

Quotes Interesting radio interview with Maureen Donnelly on the occasion of the publication of her new children's book 'Five Famous Dogs of Ireland. She talks of her early life in the Glens of Antrim and the inspiration for her books in the Glens and St Patrick.s connection with Locale, County Down. Radio Ulster, Time of Our Lives , Sunday 27 Jan. Podcast Quotes
Sean O'Halloran

Quotes 'Ulster and the City of Belfast' is a useful guide to the North and its bygone quirks and particulars (many of which remain). Clachan Publishing, which specializes in local studies, deserves credit for reissuing it, complete with original illustrations by Raymond Piper, and an informative new introduction by Paul Clements. Quotes
Ulster and the City of Belfast: by Richard Hayward
The Times Literary Suplement (TLS) Patricia Craig

Quotes A book appealing to archaeology, motor cyclists and the history of Strangford Lough enthusiasts. Quotes
Valhalla & the Fjord : Spirtual Journey through Strangford Lough
Newtownards Chronicle

Quotes In this edition ... Raymond Piper's delicate and sensitive illustrations are both delicate and accurate, enhancing the aura of nostalgia which pervades the book. Quotes
"Ulster and the City of Belfast: by Richard Hayward
The Impartial Reporter,

Quotes Thank you very much for the copy of your reprint of Dad's Ulster book (from the "This is Ireland" series). You have made a very attractive job of it, and I hope you are being rewarded with successful sales. Quotes
Richard Hayward Jr, aka Ricky.
Ulster and the City of Belfast, Richard Hayward