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To preserve and promote publications dedicated to Irish family and local history

Read all about our latest project - a recently discovered manuscript from the 1790s, detailing the genealogy of the ancient House of O'Reilly.
A must have for any with O'Reilly connections or connections in County Cavan.

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Want a book for friends and family?

It's not expensive

We use the most up-to-date, print-on-demand internet publishing technology to produce your book. To give you a rough idea, it will cost in the region of:

  • £1.00 per B&W A5 page of well edited, proof read text.
  • £2.00 per clear B&W or colour image.
Negotiated charge for additional editing, proof-reading, image improving.
(Seen here for more details)
We offer
  • Wide range of book sizes
  • Full colour if required.
  • ISBN for small fee.
  • No minimum order required
  • Only pay for the copies you buy
  • Royalties negotiable for  commercial publications
  • See your book also as an ebook  - for  a small additional fee.

How easy is it?

Ours is a very personalised service. Drop us an email or give us a call and tell us what sort of book you want to make.
Send us the text and any photos by email, if you wish. We can help you get them ready for publication.
We can also help you scan photos and documents.
Once all the material is collected we can talk about how it is to be presented and arranged.
We do this all time for people who have never published before, so don't worry.
You will be consulted at every stage.

Leave your family, friends and neighbours with something they will value more and more as time passes.

We help you get your book out there

Purchase an ISBN from us and we will promote your book though:
  • Direct sales to bookshops using Ireland's main book distributors
  • Clachan's catalogue circulated throughout Irish bookshops
  • Twitter
  • Facebook.

Our books are also distributed through the following web sites:

  • Amazon
  • Barns Noble
  • LuLu
  • Irish Books Direct
  • Clachan Publishing.
It should be born in mind that 7 copies of  ISBN publications need to be deposited with the  deposit libraries.

We now publish e-books!!